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Prior to your first practice each of the below items must be completed or provided to your Coach. Each coach is required to maintain a copy of each form during all practices and tournaments.

These items are completed online and will be printed by the club and given to your coach

  • USAV insurance form (link to online form below)

  • USAV Waiver & Release and Code of Conduct (link to online form below)

  • ODR Code of Conduct (link to online form below)

Please print a copy of these and bring to your first practice.

  • Birth Certificate

  • USAV Membership Card

  • AAU Membership Card

Each of these documents must be completed / turned in by the first practice or your player will not be permitted to practice. 

USAV Insurance Form

Each Head Coach is required to have a completed USAV medical release form for each player with them at all times.  

This form must completed before your first practice. 

Click on button below to take your to DocuSign to complete and sign the form online.

When you click the link to the left, you will have to enter the Primary Parent & Players name and email address.
(see image to the right --->) 

  DocuSign will then send an email to the parent to complete the form.  Then after parent signs they player will receive an email link to sign. 

USAV med form.JPG

Click button to complete form online

Waiver & Release and Code of Conduct

Each Player and Parent is required to complete the USAV waiver and release of liability / USAV code of conduct and ODR Code of Conduct. 

This form must be completed before teams first tournament.

Click button to complete form online

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